Find the Luxury Features You Want in the Perfect Used Vehicle for You in Savannah

Here at Peacock Genesis Savannah, we do our best to make sure you find a vehicle that reflects the traits you value most in a motor vehicle. That's why we have various used inventory at our Savannah location that caters to different styles and driving needs.

Easy, Luxurious Driving

If you come to visit our dealership serving Richmond Hill, you will find used vehicles that make every part of your drive easier. Many of our vehicles will have options like adaptive cruise control and lane following options. This means that, while need to still be in control of the vehicle generally, your car can do much of the heavy lifting of making sure you're at the right speed and that you stay in your lane.

Many cars can even aid your efforts for parking when it's a particularly difficult job, or even do a lot of it for you, depending on the situation. That way, you relax a bit and enjoy the ride from Pooler to Rincon.

Seriously Fun and Useful Infotainment Options

If huge entertainment screens with advanced audio options are your thing, we have these luxuries available among our used inventory as well.

You'll be able to focus on your driving while the best speakers and electronic options in the business make sure that your favorite media is always playing during your ride, just the way you want it.

These also often come with built-in navigation systems that will easily show you exactly where you need to go, including helping you reroute if a problem comes up.

To get a full sense of what we have, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, or better yet, visit us at our Savannah store today. By meeting us in person, we can better understand exactly what kind of luxurious features you want, whether it's high-performance engines, automatic safety options, or anything else.